The Alignment Group: Training Examples

Listed below are descriptions of some of our recent training projects. Read the description or click on the link provided.

Advanced Seminar on Cultural Diversity for Japanese and American Managers

This is a half-day seminar that is customized to the company's particular business environment. The purpose of this training is to improve communication and promote understanding between Japanese and American managers in a Japanese-owned corporation. Click here to see a sample of this seminar.

On-line Training for Health Care

The first three hours of treatment is critical for a stroke patient. To achieve consistent, quality care across several hospitals, we developed on-line training course for Emergency Department doctors, nurses and technicians on how to treat stroke patients when they first enter the hospital. Results indicated that patients were given the proper care during the critical first three hours, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

To offer training to health care personnel that meets their busy schedules, we developed a series of courses. This included a stroke treatment course for a stroke unit as well as safety training for a radiation department. We also developed on-line training for Nursing Documentation, HIPAA Compliance and hospital orientation for new employees.

On-line Performance Management Training

This is an on-line training course introducing new managers to their performance management system. The purposes of the training are to align the material with the business strategy and give managers a basic level of knowledge about the company's performance management system to that new managers will all start from the same place in later live courses. Click here to see a sample of this training. (Note: To protect proprietary materials, only selected portions of this training are shown).

On-line Database Management Training & Desktop Tool

This is an on-line training course that supports a complex database management program that was written in-house. The purpose of the training was to reduce the supervisory time to train employees and answer their questions regarding the database. In addition to its use as an on-line course for new employees, the tool is also a desktop reference for more experienced employees. Click here to see a sample of this training.

Work Process Documentation

In order to improve quality and decrease costs, we document work processes based on task analyses and interviews with subject matter experts. The final product combines digital photographs and text to illustrate each step in the work process. This documentation may be put on-line so that operators can have access to it from their consoles or put into print form for distribution to trainers. The documentation is supported by checklists for trainers to assess post-training skill levels of the trainees.

Collaborative Problem Solving

The Alignment Group conducts seminars in collaborative problem solving with its partners at The Boeing Corporation and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. This half-day seminar focuses on understanding the different types of problems and which tools are likely to produce the most effective solutions. Click here to see an example of this workshop.

General Problem Solving

The Alignment Group offers intensive training in problem solving and process improvement. With this training, managers and employees have a structured means to solve and prevent business problems. We use an action-learning model by taking one of your business problems as the training example. This way learners solve an actual problem while they master the discipline and skills of problem solving. Click here to see a sample of this training.

Balanced Scorecard and Incentives Training

The Alignment Group offers training for employees to understand their balanced scorecards and incentive programs. The purpose of the training is for the employees to develop a line-of-sight between what they do and the scorecard. The objective of the incentives training, is for everyone to be able to calculate their own incentive based on the performance in the scorecard. Click here to see a sample of this training.

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