Our motto: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be wasted". We believe that improvement efforts can only have lasting positive impact when
they are aligned with the business strategy, hence our name.

Balanced Scorecards

We help companies develop balanced scorecards for teams, departments, natural work units, or entire facilities. Once in place, the scorecard creates a platform for problem solving and continuous improvement. Our goal is to create a scorecard that helps everyone in the organization focus and work together on key measures that accomplish the business strategy. In addition, we believe that everyone in the organization should understand the scorecard well enough to explain it to someone else.

Scorecards have included employee surveys, customer surveys as well as the more common metrics such as productivity, timeliness, quality, safety, project completion, and innovation
. See the free examples page for some of the scorecards we have developed.

A scorecards becomes a powerful motivator when combined with incentives, provided the scorecard is well understood by the employees. Typically this requires training so that employees fully understand their scorecard and how to improve its numbers.