Our motto: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be wasted". We believe that improvement efforts can only have lasting positive impact when
they are aligned with the business strategy, hence our name.

Problem Solving and Process Improvement

The Alignment Group offers intensive training in problem solving and process improvement. With this training, managers and employees have a structured means to solve and prevent business problems.

Problem Solving. We deliver problem soving training using an action-learning model. To do this, we ask our client to identify a problem that can be solved during the course of training. We reserach and collect data on this problem, then apply what is learned in the classes to this problem. The result is three-fold: problem solving skills are learned, a problem is solved, and participants experience the success of solving an actual problem in their organization. Now they can combine their confidence in solving a problem with their skills in problem solving to go on to solve more problems. Click here to see a sample of basic problem solving training.

Process Improvement. Sometimes the root cause of a problem is that a critical process is broken, sub-optimized or there simply is no process. For these situations, we offer process improvement training. Like problem solving training, process improvement training is designed around a process that needs improvement. As the participants learn the steps of process improvement, they will improves an acutal process in their organization. In this training, participants will learn the full set of skills for process improvement including:

  • Mapping a process
  • Brainstorming
  • Deciding which processes to improve
  • Identifying customer requirements
  • Identifying process outputs
  • Sampling supplier specifications
  • Analyzing sources of variance
  • Examining best practices
  • Conducting cost-benefit analyses,
  • Measuring processes
  • Evaluating results