Our motto: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be wasted". We believe that improvement efforts can only have lasting positive impact when
they are aligned with the business strategy, hence our name.

Self-funding Incentives

The Alignment Group will work with your organization to develop a incentive system based on business strategy.

In order not to increase fixed compensation costs, we find that most incentive systems can be self-funding. Typically scorecards can incorporate metrics of cost reduction, productivity and/or increased sales. When designed correctly, improvements on one or more of these metrics can fund the incentive system.

Incentives combine with the scorecard to produce a powerful motivational tool. A well-designed incentive system will produce 25 - 50% gains in performance, or even more as can be seen in graph below. This graph is a composite of all the measures in this company's scorecard. The first three months of the graph are before the beginning of the incentive system.