Previous Clients

    Renal Advantage Incorporated - Designed an on-line training course for corporate compliance training specific to the dialysis industry.

    AscensionHealth - Developed on-line training courses for medical staff. Topics include: Stroke Education (view sample), HIPAA Compliance, Nursing Documentation, Employee Orientation and Radiation Safety.

    Clarcor - Through a partnership with Resource Associates, provided customized on-line assessments for all staff as well as in-person pre-employment interviews for executives.

    TDK - Developed compensation system and career path structure to align with business strategy of this Japanese-owned electronics component manufacturer located in the US.

    Toyota Tsusho America - Developed custom training materials and delivered training on cultural diversity for Japanese-American management issues.

    General Mills Incorporated - Developed printed and on-line training materials for teams and their work processes to support the new Yoplait Yogurt facility and the Pillsbury facility. Jointly developed a continuous improvement project to reduce sanitation time on a product line resulting in an annual savings of $1 million.

    Ingram Book Group - Conducted an organization culture study and delivered 9-Step Process Improvement Training to improve distribution center processes. Developed web-based training to support a mainframe computer program that is used for ordering books and maintaining book status.

    Hollywood Entertainment - Developed trainer materials and web-based training to support work processes for a distribution center.

    Stainless Incorporated - Developed a self-funding incentive program for all employees that based performance measures on business strategy and customer needs.

    Harrah's Entertainment - Developed a model for aligning performance measurement at the department level with business strategy.

    Saturn - Developed a process of evaluating training for all the training classes taught at Saturn. (view case study)

    Franke Contract Group - Developed company-wide incentive systems for manufacturing and office employees as well as market managers. Delivered problem solving training. (view case study)

    Franke Commercial Systems / Illinois Range Company (IRC) - Developed company-wide incentive systems for warehouse and office employees. Delivered problem solving training. (view case study)

    AT Plastics - Developed a system for measuring team performance and delivered problem-solving training to work teams in this highly automated, manufacturing plant.  (view case study)

    Sverdrup Technology Inc - Developed an incentive plan and system for measuring the performance of self-directed work teams. Assessed team maturity and training needs of team leaders. Lead an effort to redesign teams around the business needs.

    Caterpillar Financial Services - Developed and delivered workshop on how to evaluate the effects of training.

    Hollywood Entertainment - Developed computer-based and web-based training for distribution center.

    AT&T - Interviewed managers and supervisors as part of a validation study of the AT&T assessment center.

    Duracell USA - Designed team performance measurement system for a manufacturing team and a performance appraisal system for maintenance mechanics. Also designed problem solving, supervisory and management training programs.

    General Electric - Supervised training needs assessment and development of technical training manuals and videos for manufacturing teams to operate new equipment.

    U. S. Department of Agriculture-Soil Conservation Service - Developed and administered a survey to evaluate a Total Quality Management Program for state and field offices in Tennessee and Florida.

    Lippigas in Santiago Chile - Delivered team-building training to managers.

    Sonoco Products - Company Conducted assessment of operator and team training processes.

    City of Murfreesboro TN - Developed and delivered management training programs for the city government, performance appraisal training program for the police department, customer service training for all other city departments, strategic planning for water and sewer department.

    Square D - Developed team performance measurement and incentive systems for manufacturing teams. Conducted training needs assessment for manufacturing and engineering work teams, also conducted team training for supervisors and team members.

    Salem Carpets - Developed a system for measuring the impact of supervisory training on organizational effectiveness, productivity, and designed and conducted supervisory training as a part of a larger OD effort.

    University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Studies - Developed employee survey based on business strategy. Also conducted survey feedback and action planning.