About Us

We believe that primary care professionals should have the resources they need to make informed decisions when purchasing point-of-care technologies and implementing point-of-care testing programs.

We created the AdoptPOC framework to provide comprehensive information on point-of-care technologies in   8 key areas in a format that supports the evidence needs of decision makers from different professional roles.

We are committed to advancing the understanding and use of technology assessment in primary care to help practices implement and sustain point-of-care testing programs that provide value.


Our Bios


Dr. Brenda Korte specializes in the development and evaluation of point-of-care technologies for use in primary care, home health, and rural health settings.  She spent 13 years at the National Institutes of Health, where she established and managed the Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network and created a range of technology development initiatives aimed at improving health care access and healthy independent living.  Prior to this, she worked as a Senior Researcher specializing in patient monitoring and anesthesia delivery.  Brenda has experience in program planning and evaluation, technology assessment, workshop development, group facilitation, and scientific review.  She has developed information summaries and resources to assist decision makers with prioritizing projects, allocating resources, assessing competitiveness, and making strategic choices.  She has experience establishing multidisciplinary collaborations among government agencies, research institutions, industry, professional organizations and clinical and user groups.  Brenda received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  See Brenda’s resume

Dr. Steve Jones offers 30 years of consulting experience with projects aimed at improving organization performance.  In this work, he focuses on three areas: design, delivery and evaluation of training.  He has designed eLearning courses for healthcare and manufacturing organizations and has conducted workshops in the US and Latin America.  He has published two books on work teams and a book on measuring and improving performance.  Steve has a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, is certified as an AchieveGlobal trainer, and is certified in ROI (Return On Investment) training evaluation.  Steve is fluent in Captivate eLearning and mobile learning software, as well as measurement of learning outcomes.

Please contact us to discuss your technology assessment or information needs.

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