Dr. Brenda Korte specializes in the assessment of medical technologies for decision making, with 18 years of experience in program management and medical device development.  She spent 13 years at the National Institutes of Health, where she established and managed the Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network and created a range of technology development initiatives aimed at improving health care access and healthy independent living.   Her areas of focus include point-of-care testing, telehealth, mhealth, in vitro diagnostics, and home health monitoring.

Dr. Korte has experience in program planning and evaluation, technology assessment, workshop development, group facilitation, and scientific review.  A major aspect of her program development efforts involved fostering multidisciplinary collaborations with government agencies, research institutions, industry, professional organizations and clinical and user groups. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for IMTER, a non-profit organization that conducts research for the advancement of therapeutic exercise for people with movement disorders and impairments.